Finally Loving Yourself.


Finally loving yourself has so much meaning. Most often you will see F.L.Y. representing first love yourself, but as we live our lives, so many things influence how we see ourselves. 

As I came up with the concept of BLACK F.L.Y., I based this brand on finally becoming who I want to be with no regard to what anyone else thinks. It is also based on my heritage of being an American of African descent.

Finally loving yourself means letting go of everything that you have absorbed from society, family, etc. and becoming everything YOU see in yourself. Finally letting go of societal norms and perceptions. Finally being able to think for yourself. Finally being able to make decisions for yourself without feeling guilty.

The mission of BLACK F.L.Y. is to educate, empower, reinforce, and transform.


Black F.L.Y. - Finally Loving Yourself.

Bina Ayesha Banks

Chief Visionary Officer, BLACK F.LY. Brand