The B Ayesha Inc. Group ( The BAye Hive Boutique, BLACK F.L.Y. Clothing, BAye Hive Greeks) is fortunate to have solid partnerships with printers and carriers all around the world, which significantly helps to keep our operation running as best as it can during this challenging time. We have been working diligently since February to stay abreast of these changes throughout the world and are working with all available resources to implement changes where possible and ensure orders are delivered as quickly as possible.

Fulfillment times for Neck Gaiters are still higher than we'd like, but we are proud that we've been able to significantly increase our daily printing output. This is one of our most popular products right now, so we're doing everything we can to get them out faster. And we're continuing to work on partnerships with backup facilities. We're currently working with eight partners and we're exploring more options to give us better control of where we route orders.

Even with these positive changes, it'll take time for us to catch up on order and support volume, and we're working hard to do that. Thank you for your patience while we're dealing with these challenges, and thanks for sticking with us. This isn't easy, but we're confident in both our and your ability to adapt. In the meantime we thank you for your patience and understanding.